Quarterly Tenax Fund Update

A video update for investment professionals, on our Tenax Absolute Return Strategies Fund, by Fund Managers, James Mahon and Jerry Wharton

In the latest Tenax Q4 2021 update we reviewed the recent performance of the Fund. Fund managers, James Mahon and Jerry Wharton, looked at the impact of rising inflation as well as covering the extensive activity within the Fund this year, provided a market outlook and answered questions from investors.

James Mahon speaks to FundCalibre about why confusion over conviction will lead to bouts of volatility

James Mahon tells FundCalibre why low bond prices have caused more confusion than conviction in the market at the moment – and why he thinks it will result in numerous bouts of volatility.

Topics also include: why the global economy was not prepared for the bottleneck in demand for production and staff availability, resulting in higher than expected inflation figures, the use of floating rate notes as a way of protecting his fund and why the UK is set for a protracted recovery.

To listen to the full podcast interview with FundCalibre's Staci West, please click on the audio player link.

Why investors should be optimistic in 2021 with James Mahon on FundCalibre

James Mahon, co-manager the Tenax Absolute Return Strategies Fund, explains why he's optimistic for 2021 [0:30​] despite market volatility [2:30​], vaccine hurdles for Europe [3:20​] and the perception of inflation on the market [10:58​]. James then shares fund updates on Diago and Heathrow holdings [4:22​], energy storage opportunities [6:00​] and SONIA [8:06​].

To listen to the full podcast interview with FundCalibre's Ryan Lightfoot-Brown, please click on the audio player link.

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